Mayville State (N.D.)

Mayville State Comets


With a record of 24-3, the Mayville Comets find themselves ranked 11th in the country. Led by 6-foot-2-inch tall center Marcisa McMillan and Head Coach Dennis Hutter, the Comets have a 7-1 record in the North Star Athletic Association, their only loss coming from a split with Jamestown. McMillan is averaging 18.5 points, 11.4 rebounds, and is shooting 57.7% from the floor. Hutter returned to the court this year for the eighth time as the Comets’ Coach. The team began their season on a five game win streak, with their longest win streak of 14 games. The Comets finished 20-6 (9-3) last season and lost to second seeded Northwestern (Iowa) in the first round of the national championship.

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