This site is run entirely by students from Hastings College. HC Media has been doing live video broadcasts and sports coverage for the NAIA DII Women’s Basketball National Championship for the last 14 years. HC Media students produce all of the content for this site. The views on this site are our own and not associated with the NAIA.

If you wish to find out more information on HC Media, visit hcmediaonline.org.

Meet the 2017 Hastings College Media Team:

Photo of Leo Barrientos

Leo Barrientos

Managing Director
Photo of Sam Bennett

Samuel Bennett

Media Member
Photo of Jordan Brown

Jordan Brown

Media Member
Photo of Jacilyn Bruns

Jacilyn Bruns

Photo of Murilo Ceruli

Murilo Ceruli

Sports Director (Live Production)
Photo of Andy Chase

Andy Chase

Assistant Sports Director
Photo of Dany Cook

Dany Cook

Media Member
Photo of Jason Feddersen

Jason Feddersen

Media Member
Photo of Jerod Fox

Jerod Fox

Social Media Director
Photo of Becca Garner

Becca Garner

Assistant Sports Director
Photo of Kirsten Gilliland

Kirsten Gilliland

Media Member
Photo of Mallory Gruben

Mallory Gruben

Photo of Russ Heitmann

Russell Heitmann

Media Member
Photo of Josh Hulbert

Josh Hulbert

Media Member
Photo of Patrick Madden

Patrick Madden

Media Member
Photo of Will Reynolds

Will Reynolds

Sports Director (Content)
Photo of Briton Rodenborg

Briton Rodenborg

Media Member
Photo of Will Ryan

Will Ryan

Media Member
Photo of Danielle Shenk

Dani Shenk

Photo of Jake Zink

Jake Zink

Assistant Sports Director


  1. Dr. Michael Hedlund | | Reply

    This entire site is so well done. Thank you all for your hard work and long hours putting this together. P.S. Hi Alex!! Love, your Dad

  2. Anna's Mom | | Reply

    Some students go to Southern climates for Spring Break…but you all know where the action REALLY is! Sports streaming from scenic Sioux City!!! Woot Woot!!! Learn lots and have a super great time! Hang onto that camera, Anna!!!

  3. Jacilyns Dad | | Reply

    Hi, H C Media Team, I am looking forward to watching your coverage of the tournament. Good Luck and have FUN. Hey Jacilyn , Get me a T-shirt. Love your Dad

  4. R&R Penfield | | Reply

    Great job folks!! Still trying to see the game AVP. Love Mom and Dad

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