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The Shoe Game


Since the beginning of the NAIA DII National Championship, there have been many great visuals of the event. The great competition between the players, the upsets, and the love the fans have for their teams have been great things to see. One visual that many people miss here at the arena and back at home is the player’s shoe game. Some teams show unity when having one pair for all, others show individuality and how different their tastes are. When choosing the shoes, there are a variety of different aspects that go into it.

When choosing the right shoe to wear for the season a few different aspects are taken into consideration. Players like shoes that fit and feel comfortable when running and cutting the court. Kicks that are light on your feet are always a popular choice. Let’s be honest though, the biggest thing to choosing the pair kicks is the look and swagger of the kicks. The moment when another player, fan, or audience member is watching you and has to stop every thought in their mind just to think, “Where did he/she get those shoes from?” That’s the moment when you know that you’ve won that small battle.

Shoes from Adidas and Nike have been worn by the majority in the championship field. The difference is the style and player made the type of kicks are. The Adidas Crazylight Boost are a nice low top durable low top to wear. The colors worn here in the Championship blend well with base print design on the shoe and the spotted look on the bottom of it. The Hyperdunks are a pair of shoes you see a lot of every year worn by high school and college players. The 2015 pair were worn with a combination orange, black, grey, and white that blend well making them look a painting on the shoe. You can’t deny the orange Jordan socks don’t add more flavor on the kicks. A unique Nike shoe that debuted as well is the Nike HyperChase. It has a unique slick low top look. The shoes are light with durable and great grip for floor. The mixture of light and navy blue with the green shows off well. It sure to catch eyes.

Player-made shoes made the way to the floor and have definitely been the best ones during the Championship. Nike Kobe Low Top 9s made an appearance on many of players feet. Kobes’ are always a hot pair of kicks due to the snake skin design while being light and durable on the court. Sneaker heads go crazy for kicks like these. Marian University, championship finals team, has every player wearing the Nike Lebron Zoom Solider 9. Though heavy, the shoes key design blend well with the gray and are definitely a unique look with the LeBron logo on the strap. Topping it off with the socks brings it all together. Each player and team show part of themselves who have great style. You can view the rest of the great shoes down in the collection below.

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